The thinking cafe is a virtual cafe for those interested in creative, critical, collaborative and conscious thinking.  It is a place to come together and discover strategies and ideas for effective problem solving and communication. You will find information and resources on how to stimulate creative and critical thinking in learners of all ages and how to promote positive and effective communication and collaboration among active thinkers.  The goal of this website is to give teachers, parents, students and lifelong learners a place to explore how thinking critically and creatively can be used to strengthen learning, nurture positive relationships, support constructive social action, and enhance understanding and empathy across cultures and societies.  This website is meant to provide one step on the  journey to a lifetime of thinking creatively, critically, collaboratively and consciously. Enjoy the trip.

I'm happy to announce that my latest project is now available as an ebook!

Habits of Mind for Homeschooling: A Guide for Parents and Teachers