The past few years have seen a notable increase in brain research that focuses on how we learn and understand the world and one another.  One important contribution has been in the area of mindsets and mindfulness.  Dr. Carol Dweck is a leading expert on how we can use our brains to either enhance our opportunities to learn and succeed or limit ourselves to repeated failure and frustration.  By having a 'growth mindset' we can see ourselves as being in the process of learning continuously and use our inevitable failures as learning opportunties as we continue to strive to achieve our goals.  Contrastingly, a 'fixed mindset' implies that we believe that we cannot really change, learn or grow - that we were born a certain way and no matter what we do, we are stuck in a certain path.  
  As thinkers, it is essential that we embrace the concpet of a growth mindset and pass this on to our children in the way that we communicate with them.  We want to grow as individuals and in order to do so we must be thoughtful and open to learning.  The idea of a 'growth mindset' as explained by Dr. Dweck is perfectly aligned with the Habits of Mind as it promotes thinking flexibly, creatively, managing impulsivity, and taking responsible risks as we learn continuously throughout our lives. For more information on mindset as explained by Dr. Dweck, see the video on this page and check out a preview of her book and for more information on Habits of Mind see the link on critical and creative thinking.